Thursday, April 3, 2008

This One's for Shelly...

My sister-in-law lovingly hinted perhaps I oughta update this, considering I started it in January... and nothing since. I appreciate the kick in the pants!
I've been wanting to add recent pics of the kids at Easter, but I don't have access to any at the moment - so this'll have to do.
These are pics we had done at Sears on Good Friday. The photographer was SO patient and God bless my mom, who volunteered to come with me - because without her, I think we would have went home with shots of ears or feet - or better yet, Mommy's backside as she attempted to wrangle the two rugrats into sitting still for 1.5 seconds - at the same time - while looking at the camera - nicely. Nonetheless, I'm very pleased.
Don't let the sweetness fool you - they're zesty!!!