Friday, February 19, 2010

Working on My Attitude this Week...

From James McDonald...
"When we express resentment over circumstances beyond our control and about which we're doing nothing, God hears it and hates it. Why? Because complaining is a sin.

Maybe you're thinking, Wait a minute; complaining may not be a great thing, but a sin? Who am I really hurting when I complain?

  • Yourself. When you complain you're choosing a response that does you harm rather than good. Our complaints may lead to anger, bitterness, and even depression. God loves you. He doesn't want you hurting yourself.

  • God. That's because complaining questions God's sovereignty! To complain is to say, in effect, "God, you blew it! You had a chance to meet my expectations, but you couldn't handle it!"

  • People around you. No one likes a negatron or a lifetime member of the cold-water brigade, do they? If your friends and family hear you complaining all the time, your "stinking thinking" is bringing them down. "But they do the same thing," you say. Okay, then, y'all are bringing each other down."

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Shelly said...

That is a really, really, really good post and so true Jen!